Google Local SEO in Boston, UK

If you are looking for an Google Local SEO in Boston, UK

Common Sense SEO can help you.

We are an Agency specilising in helping business in East Midlands to be seen on Google.

One of the free tools you have available is Google My Business, a central storage of your company's information on Google. Setting up your Google My Business profile properly and optimise it, is a must to get your GMB, as it is called in short, in the top of the Google Maps or getting your Knowledge Panel shown in either mobile or on the right side of a search in Google on a PC.

Google favours companies that have an optimised profile by showing it when people search for a product or service in your category or if they search for your brand. You have for example searched for Google Local SEO in Boston, UK and our Knowledge Panel came up or you have found us in the 3-pack for the search term, finally the last way we can have shown up is by having our Google My Business website.

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