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SEO Don't Talk to Me About SEO - News & Updates on The CommonSenSEO Show for September 2019

Don't Talk to Me About SEO could be a bit of a crazy topic for The CommonSenSEO Show, but hey, can't SEO be one of the most frustrating industries to be active in?
Just as soon as you nail it, things change, rankings change, and clients also change from being Mr. Happy to Mr. Grumpy.
So, in our September CommonSenSEO Show, Henrik & Tony chat about the SEO landscape, along with our special guest, Local SEO visionary, Adrian McGivern.
We've no doubt got a lot to talk about, after spending over a month isolated in the lab, testing stuff like:
* is the fastest WordPress theme really that good? * Does stacking really work for Local SEO? * Does stacking really work in affiliate or eCom? * Where should or could we look to chase down the money? * and what is the future looking like in SEO in general?
Grab a cup of tea and join us at 10:30am EST, 15:30pm GMT, 16:30pm CET and get your questions answered by CommonSenSEO & Guests!
We will take a look at Socrates the fastest l…

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